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About Us

About Erin Street Family Clinic

Our clinic provides a comprehensive array of general practice services to

optimise your health and prevent disease.

These include:

  • Asthma Care

  • Childhood/adult immunisations

  • Diabetes care

  • Family planning and pregnancy care

  • Health check ups: BP checks, cholesterol, blood sugar

  • Paediatrics – Children’s health

  • Pregnancy care

  • Psychological care: grief counseling, depression & anxiety management

  • Quit smoking programs

  • Skin checks

  • Sports medicine

  • Travel medicine

  • Weight management

  • Women’s health – e.g. pap smears, pregnancy care

  • Men’s health – e.g. prostate checks

  • Workcover and injury management



Dr Quan Dinh graduated from Melbourne University in 1996, and additionally holds a FRACGP and a Masters of Public Health.


He has significant research experience, having published widely in the field of dermatology prior to turning his attention to General Practice.


His areas of special interest are dermatology, minor surgery and chronic disease. He is able to offer full skin checks including instrumented dermoscopy examinations allowing a more complete and accurate assessment.


Outside of work, Quan enjoys playing the piano, painting, and is an avid cricket watcher.

Senior Couple Undergoing Medical Examination

Chronic Disease Management

Optimising Chronic Disease Control

Chronic disease management is a particular focus of our practice and many patients have had their chronic illnesses attended to by this practice for more than 30 years. These include asthma, chronic airway disease, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and others. The practice also actively encourages multidisciplinary management of chronic diseases for the most optimal outcome and engages a nurse to facilitate chronic disease management plans for patients who meet eligibility criteria to allow them to optimise control of their chronic diseases through consultation and comanagement with allied health professionals. Please enquire with your doctor regarding eligibility if you are interested.

Health Assessments

Optimising Your General Health

Health guidelines indicate that an annual health assessment for patients over 75 years old as well as those between 45 and 50 years old assist in optimising health through the early detection of health problems such as prediabetes, early hearing and visual difficulties. The practice employs a nurse to offer this service to patients, so that a thorough, detailed assessment can be provided which then supplements the doctor’s ongoing medical care. Please ask your doctor about eligibility and for further information.

Mental Health

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health issues affect more than 15 % of the population. Our practice is committed to optimising the mental health of our patients, with scope for patients to access  a qualified mental health professional through government subsidised programs for established mental health conditions.  Ask your doctor for further details.

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